Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Well that didn't last long!

About a year ago I heard about a Grade 2 listed house in Morecambe, being run by a group of artists..and as I used to be an artist myself, (in my youth), I was intrigued to find out more...I emailed the man in charge and it was love at first, not with the man in charge but with this lovely old house full of canvases, oil paints, colours and well, was a tip really..but a lovely colourful one where I decided I could create amazing things - until the sun came up if I wanted to! 

But where was I going to find the time from?? I was renovating a house and studying for a degree and running an online business get the picture..what to do, what to do?? This isn't my house, by the way..wish it, I'm renovating another house at the other end of town...

Mona House