Saturday, 28 April 2012

Being creative!

The shop sections on Etsy are driving me crazy! As Etsy only give you 10 sections, with no sub-sections, you have to be creative with the section titles!

I started with Vintage 1940s; Vintage 1950s; Vintage 1960s; Vintage 1970s; Vintage 1980s; Girls/Boys; Wedding; Buttons; Collectibles and Antiques. Then I realised that if someone was looking for bust size 34" (size 12 in modern day terms that is, as vintage patterns were made much smaller decades ago), then they (I deliberately didn't put 'woman' there, as men also look for patterns), would have to trawl through everything I had for sale!

So...armed with that information, I set about changing the sections again.  I thought that I would create a section solely devoted to Vintage Vogue patterns, as I am aware that several people like to collect these fab patterns, so there's number one gone already! Then I realised that if I put a title saying Modern Bust 34, then that could be interpreted to mean that my patterns are modern and not genuine vintage at all! So...I changed it to 'Actual' Bust 34. I wanted to put 34" but Etsy was having none of it! I have Vintage Vogue (haven't got any yet, so not showing up); Actual Bust 31/32; Actual Bust up to 34 (I didn't put 'up to 31/32, because I didn't think they would be still alive!); Actual Bust up to 36; Patterns Over 36 (I didn't put plus size, as some do, as I don't believe these measurements are plus size!); Skirts/Mens (I ran out of sections); Wedding/Maternity (funny how they follow-on isn't?); Vintage Girls/Boys, Vintage Buttons and Collectibles! Well, that's how they are for now anyway...:)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tilly and the Buttons

Tilly and the Buttons: First foray into sewing vintage patterns: Praise be, I have FINALLY finished my first vintage sewing project!   I used Simplicity pattern 4255, from 1953, with some £4/m poly-...

Tilly and the Buttons