Saturday, 10 March 2012

My Annie Sloan chalk paint has arrrived!

 I've just discovered Annie Sloan chalk paint! I've started to paint my old pine dresser that I've had since I got married in the 1980s.  It has already been painted cream using satinwood paint but it never looked right.  This time I'm painting it a lovely duck-egg blue.  I've only done the top half.

It needed two coats and the inside needed to dry before I moved it, as the dresser is in two pieces and I thought I would try and get the top half just right before I move everything out of the bottom half...yes it is a little crazy in my house!

I'm going for this look, but as it's my first time with this paint I might be way off! This look is created by painting with the chalk paint first and then applying a dark wax over the top and rubbing it down slightly...hopefully!

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