Tuesday, 8 May 2012

How Sewing Patterns all started...

Butterick Sewing Patterns

Ever wondered how it all started? Well, here's how....

Ebenezer Butterick started his company in 1863 but the sewing patterns were for just for men and boys clothing. In 1866 the company began to produce patterns for women and were a great success.  It is reported that the pattern pieces were folded by members of Mr Butterick's family.

According to the official website for Butterick, Mr Butterick got the idea for making graded patterns from his wife Ellen. Ebenezer was a tailor by trade and when his wife voiced that she wished she could have a pattern that was made to fit their young son to make his clothes, he began to experiment with the idea.

He tried using cardboard templates but realized that they would not be easily folded and shipped across the country. Mr Butterick finally came up with the idea of using tissue paper for the patterns.

Without a doubt, Ebenezer Butterick changed the world of home sewing with his invention.

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