Monday, 30 July 2012

We got back in one piece!

Well, the camping trip was eventful to say the least! The first night started out ok..the weather had stayed dry, we'd found the camp site without any trouble, we'd got the tent up in a field to ourselves, with a lovely view of the Welsh mountains...

Off to bed we went at 9.00 pm...early by our standards at home, but we were very tired from the 5 hour journey and putting the camp site together.  About 11.30 some campers were coming back from the pub and started singing and shouting..we put up with this for about an hour, as it was Saturday night and maybe their first night, and then just tried to sleep. 

As the music and singing died down the wind cranked the point where the tent was shaking and flapping and making so much noise that sleep was impossible! This went on all night and all the next day and night! A lot of campers went home early.  

On the second night I attempted to sleep in the tent but the sound of the wind flapping the tent got my immagination running wild..I thought that the poles that ran through the tent giving it its shape would snap and go into my eye! So I got up and moved into the car...I pulled the stuff out of the back seat, pushed down the front seat and got comfy...I did actually sleep much husband braved it in the tent but didn't get much sleep due to the sound of the was very loud and aggressive.

The next morning we decided to pack up the car and then go and have some breakfast in the club house, and then head for Chester which was half-way home. We stayed in a hotel...well it was our 32nd wedding anniversary! We also had a great day shopping in Chester and then a detor to Southport's sand-dunes, which I'd missed out on in Wales...we will be going back to Shell Island though..just minus the wind!


Florawood said...

Oh this brings back memories!! i love North Wales and we go camping at least once a year but four years ago we lost our brand new tent to the wind at Shell Island! apparently the trick is to get in the dunes and forgo the view but we were new campers and very green!! hope you had a lovely hol anyway and congratulations on your wedding anniversary..32 years WOW!!! Justine xxx

Little Chicken Scratch said...

Oh no! We (well me) were aware that the tent might blow away. Yes, next time we will forgo the view and head for the dunes! I'm looking forward to going again one day..Dee xx