Friday, 20 July 2012

Do I really need all this stuff??

I can't believe how much stuff I need for a four day camping trip! I've got the usual stuff like a tent, groundsheet, inner-tent, deck chairs, stove, sleeping bags, airbeds and airbed pump, plates, bowls, cups, knives, forks, spoons, blankets, pillows, Gaz, gas hose, torch, portapotty, toilet roll, food, drink, clothes, shoes for wet and dry weather, kettle, washing-up bowl, towels - both tea and bath...but...I seem to have collected so much more than that! 

I've also got a fold-up table and chairs, with parasol, two...yes two Union Jack umbrella's, Union Jack flag tablecloths of all colours, even though the table has a hole in the middle for the parasol?? I'm taking my hair straightner, make-up and 3 different types of bag?? I just hope I'm cut out for camping, as I do seem to need a lot of things! 

I couldn't believe how much the Gaz bottle for the double burner camping stove was! £70! And they said it will last about four's not even a new gas bottle. Apparentely the bottle is worth £25 and the rest is for the gas...if we return the gas bottle they will refund £25 or we can keep it for our next camping trip...our next camping trip??

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